Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Break Up with England Day

Dear Friends and Family,

I love the Fourth of July. It's just a pretty relaxed holiday, but it's still fun. I love that. I also love FIREWORKS! We didn't really get to see any though. President said we could stay out until 10:30, a big difference from last year's 6 pm curfew! But Sister Olsen wasn't having the best day ever, so we went in early. It's okay! I still got to smell the fireworks, which I love.I  mean, it's not the BEST part of the firework show, but I do love the smell of them! So that was good. Also, I got to catch up my journal. I know, it's pretty bad. I was probably 4 days behind, but now I'm all caught up! Hopefully I can stay caught up for a few more months. It's just kind of nice to not have to worry about anything for a minute, you know? But that's just the lazy side of me!

Also, I love the Declaration of Independence, it really is the EPITOME of break up letters. Seriously. If any of you need to break up with someone, just use the Declaration of Independence, change some names and some reasons for the break up and... Voila! A masterpiece!

That evening we went to a member's dad's house for a big party. He's full-blooded Italian, so we had an Italian feast. Do you want to know something funny? I've been in Indiana for two Fourth of July's now and both years I had Italian. Last year we had lasagna, and this year we had all kinds of things... Pasta, meatballs, Italian sausage, garlic bread... Mmm, it was delicious, just not what I ever expected to have on the Fourth of July.

I don't think I told you all about Kitty last week. Mostly because my journal wasn't caught up and I can't remember anything that I did without it. But an older Sister in the ward told us about this woman that she had picked up when she saw her walking on the side of the road. She made it very clear that that's not something she does every day, but this woman looked like she was in distress, so she pulled over and offered a ride. I guess when she took her home, she was talking to Kitty just a little about the church, and asked if she could send the missionaries over. 

I guess that's where we came in! After we got her address, we stopped by. She lives in this really, really scary motel. We went in the evening, around 8, it wasn't quite dark yet or anything, I'd never go there in the dark, I knew it didn't look great, but it was pretty sketchy. These guys were sitting out... Just kind of creeping me out. Anyway, we got to Kitty's and she let us in. Her room is really dark, there's not a lot of light or places to sit. We talked for a while, got to know her, and taught about how God loves her and the Restoration. It went really well! Kitty's had a hard life, and I know that the gospel will help her! We went back the next day, taught some more... She had read... We invited her to the Sister's house who had picked her up before, taught her there... Committed her to baptism in August... She came to church... She's reading. She's doing everything perfectly! I love it! I have high hopes for Kitty, she's great!

We have a new Ward Mission Leader and he is great! He is a Police Officer here, in Plainfield, and he's also like our Ward Mission Dad. And his wife is like our Ward Mission Mom. In fact, she reminds me of my mom! So that's awesome! Because I love my mom. Brother Bergesen, though, was having a correlation meeting with us, and at the end, he told us that if we ran into any troubles, that we should call him and he would "take care of it real quick". Ha ha, I love it!

We stopped by Jane's yesterday to check on her, because she wasn't at church. And Eric was randomly there too. So we talked to both of them and had a pretty low-key visit. Which was good, I think sometimes low key is good, and it can help us discern needs because no one's on the defense or anything. Just visiting! And that's what happened yesterday, so that was great!

We taught these two little girls in a Less Active family about CTR, it was fun! And then later last nigh Jane asked me if my CTR ring was a chastity ring. Not really, but I guess kind of.... Staying chaste is included in choosing the right!

Sister Mayberry and I got to be companions again early in the week. It was so fun! I love Sister Mayberry, we listened to our Monday jam together again... Actually on Monday, which made it even more special! I loved it! Wish we could do it more often. It felt a little different though, since now she's my Sister Training Leader, not my companion. But it wasn't bad. Just different.

We had a great week, I hope you all did too!! Love you all!

 I stalked this car because it is the exact same as my car at home!! Cutee!

 They have these little baby libraries on the trails of Plainfield. They have a bunch of books, and all you have to do is take one and leave one. It's awesome! I'm pretty jealous.

Love, Sister Kimberly

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