Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Pioneer Day

Dear Friends and Family,

So my keyboard right now is being a pain in the butt, so if things are in CAPS that shouldn't be or there are missing letters... Blame the keyboard. I know how to spell, promise!!

It's been a good week! But also a crazy week!

On Wednesday, we drove to Fishers for a specialized training for new missionaries and their trainers. It was fun! But it was also a miracle that we made it there alive. It was raining SO HARD and I couldn't see anything. But we made it! On time even! Barely. That meeting was so fun! We did a bunch of role plays, my favorite was trying to teach the Restoration in 60 seconds! It was challenging. I like a challenge!

On Thursday it was Pioneer Day. We went on a quick exchange on IUPUI campus. I was with Sister Mayberry again, and I loved it! I always love going on campus, it's fun! We didn't get to stay for very long, but there were a bunch of us there because everyone was doing exchanges, I guess. And it was Pioneer Day. So we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate PIONEER DAY! No one even knows what that is here, not even members, usually. It's a Utah holiday, not a Mormon holiday. So we ALL went, all the missionaries in the immediate area, went to BWW to celebrate. There were literally 20 of us.

It was a partay!

IT just seemed like we had one thing after another after another this week. Which is awesome! I really love to be busy!!

On Friday, we had interviews with President Cleveland. I LOVVVVEE interviews. This time it was super short. President taught me the importance of role playing. Told me I had a super solid baby to train. He told me maybe I will train again (yay! That was a surprise, but a great one!) and.... Yeah, that's it! And he told me that everything you learn on the mission is applicable to real life. So the mission is really the LTC, the Life Training Center. It's true!! Me and Sister Mayberry already talked about that before. Lots of times. So basically the only new information I learned from that interview was that little snippet about training again. I hope that's TRUE!!

War Memorial

Happy birthday to Jane! Her birthday was Wednesday and after our long trainer/trainee meeting, we went over there and painted her nails for her. She has Parkinsons, so she shakes and has a hard time doing that kind of stuff. Sister Olsen painted them orange for her! And then on Saturday we had dinner with a member and she invited Jane and Eric and we had a birthday party for her! With chocolate cake and rainbow sprinkles and everything! I do love rainbow sprinkles!!

Kitty is doing super great too, we just finished teaching her the last of everything this week! Yesterday, actually. She's still not feeling like it's the time to be baptized yet, but as soon as she's ready, she's good to go!! I love seeing the change in her. She has been so much HAPPIER! Like, she actually smiles now, she didn't smile much at all when we first met her. And now she smiles really big, all the time!! She doesn't even notice the change. But I told her it's a lot like hair. It's hard to tell the difference in our own hair, because we are with ourselves all the time, but when people see us after a few months, they really notice that our hair has grown. It's the same with Kitty and how happy she is! And her testimony. She has been looking back at her life and before, she never saw that God was helping her with anything, but she told us about a couple of experiences that she had and she's starting to think that God had given her those experiences to her for a reason!

Yay! I love it! Her relationship with God has really changed a lot! And now she prays and reads everyday! :) 

I love being a missionary!

And the best part of the week was this.... We had a huge fruit fly infestation this week. It was nasty - at least we are eating fruit! ;P But we didn't really know what to do except take all the garbage out. So we took all the garbage out and cleaned the kitchen and put all the food we have in the fridge. That's when it started... We began a battle between us and the apostate, Lamanite fruit flies using Book of Mormon battle strategies.

First thing's first, we cut off all their food sources.

And Sister Oslen shot them down one by one using this antibacterial spray that shoots really fast. And we used bleach to clean all our counters and everything.

Eventually I went and grabbed the Windex to shoot at all the flies too. The Windex made me feel like that guy on My Big Fat Greek Wedding :)

Then Elder Sperry told us how to kill them. We cleaned everything and used Apple Cider Vinegar in a bunch of little cups to trick them into flying in there and dying. It worked! They still aren't all gone, but they will be soon! There's definitely LESS of them around!
It was hilarious watching Sister Olsen especially... She got a little crazy :) :) I love that girl!

Like I said, I love being a missionary!!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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