Monday, July 21, 2014

My Purpose as a Missionary

Dear Friends and Family,

It's been a long week. 

But also a short week. 

I'm not sure how I feel about this last week, to be honest.
I feel like at the beginning of the week, it was so so so slow! Things just didn't work out well, and we just weren't having a lot of success. But I guess it worked out, because our key indicators were pretty high this week. We taught 14 lessons, which isn't A LOT, but more than we did the two weeks before. So I guess it all worked out?
We went out to a town called Monrovia, because we have a church HQ referral there... And we were driving... And driving... Then we saw this gas station on the side of the road where a whole bunch of semis stop..... I don't know what those are called. But it was basically just a pit stop. And the GPS said we were getting really close. I told Sister Olsen that I didn't see anything out there. And then, suddenly, there was a big HUGE new subdivision right, smack dab in the middle of nowhere.

And that is where our referral lived. It was basically the most confusing thing I'd ever seen. There weren't even grocery stores around or anything, just a big warehouse, a gas station, and a ton of semi trucks.

Later, we drove into this little, teeny, tiny old town that was a little farther up the road. But I'm pretty sure that housing development is still bigger than Monrovia itself. 

Then the next day, we went and drove around a place called "Mooresville" forever trying to find Less Active members and... We talked to none of them. And I got lost a hundred times... EVEN with the GPS. And apparently, Mooresville isn't just the little city that I thought it was. It's a HUGE geographic area! So. It was a rough day.
But then things turned around on Thursday. We had a slow morning, and a slow afternoon, but after dinner, we went and tried to visit a few more people. We stopped at a Less Active's house and whoever talked to us wasn't really very nice. But we knocked on the next door neighbor's house.

Now, before I tell you what happened, let me set the scene.
There was this scary dog barking at us through the door. And there was some really loud heavy metal music playing. Sister Olsen knocked twice, no one came for a while, so we were about ready to leave and this man came to the door. He was wearing a chain necklace, and his name is Juan. So. I didn't think any of these things seemed very promising at all. But he came out and talked with us for a while, and he was so friendly! He told us he was raised Catholic and we talked a little more about his background. And then we taught him the Restoration. 

Then... An even more amazing thing happened. Sister Olsen invited him to baptism. To fully understand how awesome this moment was, you need to know that this was her first time extending a baptismal invitation in real life. So she did it! And right there, I was already a proud mommy! But it doesn't end there. Juan said he would HAVE to be baptized if he knew it was true. What?! That's awesome!! So we will go back and teach him. I'm so excited!

Then we taught Jane again. Eric may or may not be staying in Chicago for good. But I'm confident he will come back. Kitty is doing GREAT. I don't think she understands how well, though, because she doesn't feel like she'll be ready to be baptized next weekend, like we had planned. It's okay, though, sometimes these things take time. Other than that, she has been keeping all of her commitments. She comes to church every week, she reads the Book of Mormon (even if she has a hard time understanding the language), she came to a Why I Believe fireside, she came to a baptism on Saturday. She keeps the Word of Wisdom... She's basically golden! I love it! She wants to be baptized, though, we aren't worried about it at all.

Yesterday, we tried a few more Less Actives because we've been trying to meet our goal for that this week. We stopped by to see a man named Greg, but the apartment we stopped at was his daughter's and he didn't live there anymore. She was super friendly. She even said she'd been meaning to call us and ask us to go visit him. So she gave us directions to his house, not an address, but directions.... I was a little worried... Remember how I'm directionally impaired, even with a GPS, but we actually made it! It was really easy. I bet that was the Spirit or something, I know I couldn't have done that on my own. We got there, knocked, and no one answered. So we left, did a few more things, and then came back at 8:30 to see if we could catch him. And he was home! I love Greg, he is so cool. He was baptized in Germany back when he was there for the military or something. And he has the strongest testimony! He just has gone through a lot over the past few years. He will come back someday, I know it! He is so great!

So we got our Less Active lesson in! 

And now it's Monday again. 

I hope you all had a great week!! You're all awesome, stay awesome!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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