Monday, August 11, 2014

Adventure is Out There

Dear Friends and Family,

I hate taking care of car stuff. I really do. I just don't understand it and every time I go in there I know I'm just going to make a fool of myself because I barely know how to tell them what I need done. But we had to do that this week. Yes.. Missionaries have to do mundane stuff like that too. I hate it. But we were obedient little missionaries so that we could keep our car! On Saturday morning we dropped it off without an appointment or anything, so it took a few hours. And in the mean time, we didn't really have anywhere to go. Luckily enough, Kitty lived really really close to the car place, so we walked over there and read a chapter from the Book of Mormon with her. We chose 3 Nephi 11 because we wanted to find out how she was feeling about baptism on the 23rd, which is her current date. We weren't sure how she felt, but the only thing holding her back is her feeling ready. So we read and talked about how Jesus Christ taught us about baptism and all that. And then we asked her about how she was feeling. She said she'll be baptized! And we are so happy. I'm so glad we went over there, because that could've been the grumpiest day ever without a car or anywhere to go. And rain. We almost got stuck in Wendy's forever because there wasn't really anywhere else to go. Except Kitty's! And then in turned into a great day! And it was a fun adventure!

Oohh other than that, last week we set an appointment with a Less Active family for Friday. So we went there this Friday and talked to them and their three unbaptized sons. The oldest is 17 and we asked if they would WANT to be baptized. And the 17 year old said, "How could anyone refuse that?" Oh my. Perfect answer! So we had a really good lesson about how we can come to know that the Church is true. After we left, I told Sister Olsen that he was right, I don't know how anyone could refuse baptism, but people just do. We didn't tell him that though! He was great, though. And this family is a pretty solid Less Active family. They haven't gone to church in a lot of years, but they still have Mormon stuff around everywhere. Like pictures of the temple and Book of Mormons and all that. (It is Book of Mormons, by the way, not Books of Mormon. But if you care that much, we can always settle on Books of Mormons!) It's pretty cool, though, you really don't see that very much. And their kids are so solid!

Oh, let me tell you about another adventure. Yesterday, we went to a Why I Believe fireside with Kitty and some members of the ward. It was so fun! And the couple we went with are both so awesome. The husband is a police officer and on the way home he was driving and saw some flashing lights down the street. He said "Oh no. It's the cops." Then his wife said, "Everybody duck! Hide the stuff!" Then he said, "Everybody act like Charlie's Angels" and then he made guns with his fingers and pointed them out the window. It was so funny, you probably just had to be there.

Jane is doing really well. She quit smoking half way! From 20 cigarettes a day to 10! She is doing so well and we are so proud of her! Eric gave us presents at the end of one of our lessons. He told us he needed to talk to us, and then he gave us gift bags. Mine was pink and sparkly. He totally got it right there! Inside mine was the pamphlet book that I made him and a bottle of water. And inside Sister Olsen's was his Book of Mormon. And a bottle of water. He said he would've gotten us alcohol, but he knew that wouldn't go over well. He's not a big fan of all our "silly rules" which is fine. We're not even old enough to drink anyway, though, so even if it wasn't a "silly rule" it still would be against the law.

Today we got to go to the Indiana State Fair! I was excited because that is really where you see what Hoosiers are like ;) It was pretty cool. Mostly the art and stuff, I'm not a big fan of stinky animals. Sister Olsen likes them, but not me. I AM a big fan of funnel cakes though! And we saw a bunch of old ladies dancing to pop music. That was mostly hilarious!

It's been a good week!
Happy... Next week everyone!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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