Monday, September 22, 2014

Lava What-a??

Dear Friends and Family,

Sister Faleono, my new companion, and I have had a great weekend! The beginning of the week was kind of a struggle, we taught a few Less Actives who live in a nursing home, therefore they can't come to church. And we taught Tim, who got baptized this Saturday. 

But the really good part of this week was Saturday and Sunday, so that's what I'm going to tell you about!

On Saturday, Jane, from Plainfield, finally got baptized. She has been taught by the Sisters in Plainfield since Sisters even came to Plainfield! So that's about a year straight. Jane's baptism is a miracle in and of itself. Miracle of the year, really. But on top of that, ever single missionary that ever taught her was able to be there! We are pretty much all serving right around each other, and we all got to go. And THAT is a lot of Sisters, let me tell you! It was awesome! I got to speak about the Holy Ghost, I was a little nervous, to be honest... Being a missionary doesn't necessarily make you good at giving talks. Sister Olsen got to play Down to the River to Pray for us too. Jane used that song to help her to quit smoking, so that was really special. I was a pretty happy Sister missionary that day!

Tim was also baptized that day, here in the Westfield ward. He is a really great guy, I'm glad that the Sisters before us were able to help prepare him to be baptized. They were able to come to the baptism as well, which was awesome! We had a LOT of happy missionaries that day!

Sunday was really good too. We've been kind of struggling to find people to teach. A lot of the people being taught before have kind of fallen by the wayside. I think because there was kind of a crazy situation right before we got here, one of the missionaries left a couple of weeks before the transfer, and that left the other Sister in a trio with another companionship and they weren't able to work much here, in Westfield, so there wasn't really a lot of contact for a couple of weeks. But yesterday, we were able to get in contact with two that were being taught before! And we were able to teach one of them! That was really great! I know that my prayers were being answered by that.

At the beginning of the transfer, Sister Faleono and I set a goal to have 3 baptisms in this area in the next three months. I'm not sure who they all will be, but I know that we are continuing to pray for guidance and for miracles from God! And things are actually happening!

Sister Faleono is Samoan. She's teaching me all about Samoan culture. And it's a good thing Samoa's are my favorite girl scout cookies :) (I don't even know if that has anything to do with each other, but hey, it's true!).   Also this week, Sister Faleono gave me a lava lava. She actually emailed me before coming out on her mission and I gave her some missionary advice, so now it's kind of funny that we are companions. She brought me this lava lava from home to thank me for helping her out. So I'm really excited about it. The only thing is, a lava lava is basically a piece of fabric with flowers on it, or something. At least that's all I really see in it. Sister Faleono told me that they use it for a lot of different things, that it just comes in handy sometimes. So I tried that out. I had a little too much fun with my lava lava...

A lava lava full of fruit on my head...

I'm definitely having fun here!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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