Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This Week was Awesome!

and that's about all I can remember...

Dear Friends and Family,

I am serious. I think this mission is getting to my brain! I can't remember a single thing and I totally just caught up my journal YESTERDAY. So I guess I will go look back at it so I can tell you why it was so awesome.

Drinking grapefruit juice so Jane would quit smoking

Our hair is braided together

Let's go to the mall! Today!

We had exchanges on Saturday. That was way fun. I have a little confession for you, though. I was kind of nervous for this exchange. We did it on a Saturday and we had two sets of Sisters in OUR area. Saturdays are pretty slow anyway, but then when you put two sets of us here, it's hard to find enough things to do. Luckily it all worked out! We each had an appointment and some successful finding time. I guess that's the purpose of exchanges! So yeah!

It was kind of a crazy day, though.

In the morning, Sister Hales and I walked through a neighborhood and some trails and a park. We stopped by a few houses along the way. We saw a man outside, so we decided to go talk to him because we try to talk to everybody. So we talked to him and he showed us these pictures he drew of Jesus Christ on the cross. Then Sister Hales said "I can tell you have a love for Jesus Christ." "No." He said. That's it, really. What do we say to that! We continued this awkward conversation anyways and asked him if we could share a five minute message. He said yes, but asked us to wait for a minute. He went inside. We stood and waited for him to come back for a minute... Two minutes... Five minutes... We probably waited seven minutes for this guy to come back! Since we didn't really know what to do about this, we left a note and left. He was a little off anyway, some of the things he was talking about were a little weird. So I don't really feel too bad. But hey, if you're trying to get rid of the missionaries, that's the way to do it. Say you'll be right back, leave, and never come back!

Then we were walking some more. And we ran into this family that was all outside putting a soccer goal together. We started talking to them and we actually WERE able to teach them a five minute Restoration lesson without them going inside and never coming back! So that was exciting already! And then the mom of the family was pretty into it, which is great! Then we asked if we could come back and share more. She looked to her husband, probably for some back-up on the decision, and then he spoke up and told us that they don't follow the "Mormon religion". Well, duh... That's why we were there! But he basically was saying he didn't want us to come back. That was really sad, but it happens. I know we planted a big seed there!

Later that day, we knocked on a couple of doors. Behind one of them was this really vicious looking dog. It was small, but pretty nasty looking. The woman that came out and talked to us informed us that he would bite. That's not good, but he was inside. After chatting for a few minutes, though, she opened the door and he got out of the house and was chasing us. That was the scariest part. I am pretty sure that I almost cried. Like with real tears and everything. It was bad.

But it turned out okay! By the grace of God, my life was spared. 

Well, that's a little dramatic, I guess. But it was pretty scary, though.\

We also had a zone conference this week. We didn't GET iPads, but we used iPads to video tape our role plays and watch them over again. I don't know if I liked it. I mean, I wasn't feeling that great that day anyway, and I don't really like the way I looked on camera. I sounded okay, though, and that's always been the worst part of watching myself on video, listening to my voice because it sounds SO different than what I hear. I hope I'm not the only one like that. 

President basically said Sister Olsen and I will be split up next week. I mean, I guess we kind of already guessed, but it's still sad. You never know with President, though! We won't really know until transfer calls next Sunday. We'll see! I'm a little nervous. More than I normally am, probably because this is probably one of my last ones. And that's scary.

Anyway, have a good week! 

Love, Sister Kimberly

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