Monday, September 8, 2014

We Punched Satan in the Face

Dear Friends and Family,

Me and my companion are probably the scariest to Satan. Maybe that's why we need to be separated. We must have too much power! 
Yeah, I'm getting transferred. Not a huge surprise, just sad :( I really love Plainfield and I really love Sister Olsen. But I guess there are other people and things that I need to meet and do and all that jazz. I just don't like it. 

We had a really REALLY good week, though! We had so many miracles I can't even count.

So Jane has officially stopped smoking. JANE STOPPED SMOKING! All y'all probably don't know how huge of a miracle that is, so let me put it in perspective for you. Jane has been taught by missionaries for a year and a half straight. She's wanted to be baptized forever, she's had three baptismal dates. The only thing in the way was her smoking. But something happened, she felt the Spirit and through the Spirit the enabling power of the  Atonement, and she decided she was done. And she is! And she's getting baptized! At our last lesson, she played a song for us called Down to the River to Pray. I loved it! She keeps singing that and humming "Oh Happy Day" whenever she wants to smoke. I am soooo proud of her!

We also had an awesome experience with a member. We were going to a lesson with a Part Member family, but they weren't home. So we tried a few people that we knew in the area. A couple of weeks ago we met a guy out in his garage, so we went to see him again. But this time there were a bunch of people out in the garage. Everyone except him. I was a little nervous. A lot of times when this happens, the people we talk to just say they aren't interested and then we never get to see any of them again. But we went up and talked to them anyway. And we had an amazing experience! The entire family committed to coming to church! They didn't show up, but they DID tell us beforehand. We will definitely go back to see them again! And this member we had with us had a really strong spiritual experience! She even bore her testimony about it at church yesterday. So even if we never see that person again, this member was truly edified by the experience and I know that alone was good for her!

We've found a lot of solid people this week. We have some huge goals for next week. We are going to have a lot of people on dates soon...

The only thing is I won't be here to see it because I'll be transferred. But I'm still grateful for the part I've been able to play in all of this!
Miracles are the way that God does His work! And that's how you know if you are truly doing God's work, if you are seeing miracles! All you have to have is faith, that's the ONLY pre-req to miracles. We learn that in lots of places, but one of my new favorite scriptures is Ether 12:12, because it's so straightforward. No faith = no miracle so... Faith = miracles. But, make sure you put on your miracle-spotting glasses, because it can be really hard to see  if you don't! If you aren't seeing miracles, it doesn't always mean that you don't have faith, you have to look for them first :) And Sister Olsen and I have them every day. That's something I'm grateful I've done. Every day in my journal, I write one miracle that we had. Sometimes it's something small, sometimes it's big, but it's definitely been according to my faith, and it's definitely INCREASED my faith at the same time. Cool, huh!

So. Will you all look for miracles in your lives?

Oh. Another [silly] miracle:
The other day we were walking through the park and we see this sign. Well. I see this sign. 

It's a poster for a community event that's coming up.
(post Captain America Poster here, mom :))
Plainfield is playing Captian America 2 for Movie in the Park this Saturday.

So this transfer is kind of a miracle in itself. Because let me tell you what, I have never been so tempted to be disobedient in my life! Ever. 

It's free.
It's Movie in the park.
And it's Captain America 2.
And I won't be here! Sad, but lucky too :)

Love ya!
Sister Kimberly

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