Monday, October 6, 2014


Dear Friends and Family,

It was a really good week this week, but honestly, I don't think I remember anything I did. I know we did stuff! I'm just not sure what. I only remember a couple of things...

General Conference was this weekend! You all have no idea how long I've been waiting for this thing! Forever. Basically since last conference. It was really good! I loved a lot of the talks. Elder Hollands was soo good. You know, I didn't used to like his talks that much, but now that I'm older and I realize he's not really yelling at us, he's just passionate, I love those talks, he is so poetic. I have a real appreciation for words, and he uses some beautiful words! 

The whole thing was good, though! There was another talk that this guy gave, he was a member of the 70, and he told me I need to get into better physical and spiritual shape. Mostly physical for me, though. Bummer. ;)

We have an investigator getting baptized on November 1! Ethan is 10 and he wanted to get baptized, so we are teaching him to make sure he's ready, but he totally is. He is so excited about baptism, I love it! 

We had a really cool experience after one of Ethan's lessons this week. We have a member that takes us to his lessons and she participates a little, also. She's recently been called as a ward missionary, but she's also a little shy and reserved. We asked Ethan's grandma for a referral, and she told us about this woman who the sisters used to teach that she knew. The member who brought us knew her too, so when we left I asked if she'd go with us. She was way nervous about it, I can tell. She kept asking if we were sure we wanted to go see someone who had already dropped the missionaries. And I just told her, you know what, that's what we do all day every day. That's all we really can do. I don't think she understood that before, but we got there and talked for a while. Linda, the woman we saw, was really nice! We had a quick, short little thought. She told us some of the concerns that she'd had before, but we invited her to watch conference and asked if we could come back this week to see what she learned. She said yes! This morning she called and said she didn't really want to get back into it right now, but I believe we had that experience so that our member could see the good results of missionary work. Those miracles strengthen faith, and I believe that experience strengthened that member's faith in missionary work!

We went on exchanges this week and found the best sign I've ever seen. I will send a picture, you are going to love it! :)

If only it were really that easy...

Other than that, not much happened. It got cold. I don't really like that. But what can I do? Not much! Sorry this is short, apparently nothing else too exciting happened. We had some meetings... We got to see Meet the Mormons this week! I'm super excited for that! #movienight 

Well, good luck this week! Everyone, go see Meet the Mormons, it's supposed to be really good!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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