Monday, October 13, 2014

Meet the Mormons

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, if you didn't get to see Meet the Mormons, you're really missing out! It was so good! Or I might just think that since it's pretty much the only movie I've seen in more than 16 months! But, still. It was good.We got treats and everything! No popcorn, though. I was really hoping for popcorn. But it was great, because we got a sneak preview of it on Wednesday, two days before it even came out! Missionary = VIP!

Other than that, this week has been kind of slow. Not for a lack of trying! We probably actually stopped and talked to more people this week than we have in the weeks prior, but no one really let us keep talking long enough to teach or say anything about the church, really! That's always a bummer. But let me tell you what, I love talking to people! Some are nice, some are mean, but I just love talking to them! 

The temple is coming along great! They could be putting in the Angel Moroni statue any day now, really! I'm excited to see it! 

It rained a lot this week and we didn't have a car. That also might have something to do with how slow it's been. I even left my umbrella at a member's house, so that wasn't the most useful thing... Haha, and going out in the pouring rain without an umbrella is not really the most effective activity either. So that was rough. But we have some really good plans for this week!

We got to teach Ethan, the 10 year old, the commandments using hand signals to remember them. It was so fun! And his older brother, Kyle, loved it too! Kyle is pretty handicapped, but he is literally the cutest kid ever. I love him! He's so sweet! When we got to number four, he was like, "oh my gosh, that's a lot!" Yup! It is a lot of commandments!

We had a zone meeting and one of the Zone Leaders asked me to give a training. It's dumb, because he only asked me because he thinks I'm an "old missionary" or something. So I planned a little bit, and then President gave basically the exact same training as I planned right before we watched Meet the Mormons. So. He stole my ideas. That was pretty lame!! But I gave it anyway, and it didn't matter because it seemed like no one in the zone was listening. Everyone has been getting a little too relaxed about the work lately. But whatever, I can't control them!

And last of all, we had a miracle on Saturday!! Tori got baptized!! We miraculously found a ride to Plainfield and we were able to go see it! And I'm so happy. It's been a journey getting her here, but I'm glad because I know she's committed! And I love her lots!! :) I will send a picture, because a picture is worth a thousand words!

Love you, Tori!! <3 (PS I don't know if people still use this less than three thing to make hearts. I hope this doesn't make me look lame.)

My face felt like it was melting...

Me and my Baby Girls!

Hopefully I have more to say next week!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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