Monday, November 3, 2014

Fashionably Late

Dear Friends and Family,

We had a great week! I always love it when we have the car! We taught a lot of lessons this week, which is really good, because I was starting to feel like we weren't teaching nearly enough. I've started giving out a lot more Indianapolis temple cards, which is also really fun here! People in other places in Indiana don't really know about the temple, but the people here drive past it every day and they don't really know what it is! It's kind of hard to explain, but it's been fun! Oh yeah! Our picture was in the paper! It's on the Indy Star website in an article talking about putting the Moroni on the temple on October 17 :)  We are officially famous!

We got to go on exchanges this week. That was fun, I spent the day in the Carmel ward. I met a lot of cool people. It was so funny, though, their area is way different than ours. It's right next door, and it's in the same city, so I thought it would be the same. I was wrong. They have more middle class areas than we do. And they have a ton of investigators. Some progressing, some not. I don't know how, but they find a ton of people all the time! It's so funny how different all the areas in the mission are.

We knocked on a door this week, it was where a former investigator lives, and this guy answered the door. He only spoke Spanish to us. All I really understood was that the phone call he was on was "importante". He shut the door before I could even think to ask him to speak "poco a poco" so I could understand him! It was pretty funny, though. He kept talking in Spanish and we were both like, uhhh... We speak English...

Halloween was super fun! We had District Meeting that day, and I convinced our District Leader to let us have a costume party District Meeting. So we did! I loved it! I definitely went as Minnie Mouse :) And later that night, we had dinner with a senior couple. Sister Smith is so funny, she made us "baked rats" and "dirty potatoes". It was good. She's cute! And then we had pumpkin cookies. I do love pumpkin flavored things!

It snowed on Halloween and a little bit of it even stuck to the ground. Sister Faleono was pretty intrigued, she's never seen snow before. I can't understand that, but I guess if you grow up in SoCal your whole life....

Ethan got baptized on Saturday! That was the craziest day. We were barely on time to the baptism, but we made it! Everyone was waiting for us because we had the jumpsuit for him. But he changed, we got some pictures, had the baptismal record signed, and all went well! Ethan had to be baptized twice because the first prayer was said wrong. But that's way less embarrassing than the time I had to get baptized twice because I was flailing around like a crazy person... :)

And the coolest girl ever came to church yesterday! She is 16, grew up Buddhist, but wants to learn more about Christianity. I am sooo excited to teach her, so hopefully her mom says it's okay!

Also, y'all are going to be proud of me. I sewed this week. Yeah. My purse was ripping pretty bad, but I did NOT want to buy a new one, so I got creative and fixed it myself! With actual needle and thread. Now, it doesn't look very good, but it will suffice.

Have a good week, everyone! Stay warm! It is starting to get a little chilly here!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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