Monday, November 24, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Dear Friends and Family,

It snowed last night! And the city and stores have all been putting up Christmas decorations like crazy people. It's okay, though, I  love Christmas decorations! Not the snow so much, though. It's not too much, so that's good! And it's not even too cold, really. We have a new car situation, so now we only go three days without it and then three days with it and then Preparation day, so now I won't freeze my butt off AS MUCH!

We went tracting a little this week in the cold. I don't think I like doing that in this area, no one really was nice. No one even let us talk to them. In fact, this one woman didn't even open the door, she looked through the glass of her front door and we told her who she was and she said she wasn't interested. It was pretty rude. We're worth opening the door, at least! Man, that was not classy of her at all.

At Zone Meeting we played this get-to-know-you game. I guess we aren't good enough friends, so we did this. It was basically speed dating except not. Obviously. But if you've ever played that, it's basically that. So that was a little weird, but it was fun. I did get to know some missionaries that I didn't know before.

We did get to teach a lot of people, too! We taught Sam, she's one of my favorites! She is so willing to learn, even though it's all a little overwhelming. It's hard to learn everything, I'm sure. But Sam took notes and read the things we asked her. And she's learning! I love it. And at the end of that lesson, she was so happy. She felt the truth of it, I'm sure of it. She said that it was awesome and that things were coming together for her. I love it. That moment was so special! The member family that introduced us is so great, they are so excited to share more with her, it's just hard for them to keep it simple. It's hard for us, too, though! I've never taught someone who didn't know anything about Christianity before, and Sam knows nothing. But she will, don't you worry!

We spent 9 hours at the church on Saturday, but that was fine with me, it was cold and we got to stay warm. There was a cub scout Beltloopalooza where a bunch of cute little boy scouts came to earn a whole bunch of belt loops. There were a lot of nonmembers there, so they invited us to help! And we actually did get to talk to a lot of people! So it was effective. 

Then we went to a really really great baptism. In the Carmel ward there was a baptism and the Spirit was so strong at that one! I love it! The convert bore her testimony after she was baptized and I can tell she has a great Work to do as a member of the Church. I love when I get that feeling with people, especially at baptisms.

Shout out to Tori, remember she got baptized just a little while ago? She got to go to the temple and do baptisms for the dead this last weekend! I'm so proud of her!

 Birthday Ice Cream

Things are going great for us! I love you all! Have a great week!

Love, Sister Kimberly

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